Taking the perfect Tanzania safari picture


shutterstock_237955471Be ready at all times on your safari to Tanzania.

The wildlife that you see will be all around and having your camera to hand will pay off.  It might help if you have an automatic camera to hand as well. You will be able to go out on a safari drive early and in the evening, just before dusk.  Lots of Tanzanian safari companies offer this and it is perfect light before it gets too hot. Blue light in the evening will be a magical time to take those shots of your Tanzanian holiday.  If you do have to shoot during the day then the Tanzanian sun can be bright, wait for the clouds to pass over or take your shots of the animals in the shade.

Composition, as always, is important on your safari.  Many of the safari cars in Tanzania have roofs that you can take shots through.  Although this is ideal for landscape shots, when shooting wildlife try to take your shots from lower down. If there are other safari cars or trees in the way, then ask your driver to move slightly so that these do not spoil the background.  To blur the background set your camera to a wide aperture to blur the background and bring the focus to the animal.

You will see some amazing sights on your Tanzanian safari but remember to shoot them with some background as well.  This will ensure that you are including the animals’ environment in the picture.  The rule of thirds is useful to remember when on safari in Tanzania as this will help you think about your composition.

If you are lucky enough to see the migration on your Tanzanian safari then use a mid-range lens such as a 70 – 200, this will allow you to capture the entire herd and the background.  Using a telephoto lens of 400mm will allow you to take that extra close up shots of wildlife.  You can also use this lens for stunning landscapes on your safari to Tanzania.  On your safari you will need to ensure that you keep your camera steady, especially if you are using a long lens and a high ISO.  Ensure that you keep it steady by asking others not to move and using a bean bag to steady it.

On safari your relationship with your Tanzanian guide and driver is important.  Building a good relationship with him will enable you to drive to good viewpoints to capture the shots that you need.  Your Tanzanian guide will also be able spot animals and use their experience to tell you where the animals are.  Remember many animals are creatures of habit.

Finally, on your Tanzanian safari remember to put down your camera and enjoy the wildlife.



photomattTaking the perfect Tanzania safari picture